Wedding FAQ's

Below you will find a list of answers to frequently asked questions. We have provided these for your benefit so that all the info you need is organized in one location for you to easily find an answer to any question you might have.

How'd y'all meet?
Kaela & Robert Back in the DayUhmmmm... errrr.... ok, interesting story. Well, not really.

Kaela was in high school and Robert was in college. Ok, the part everyone used to freak out about is over.

Robert's mom was one of Kaela's teachers, but more specifically, one of her theatre directors. Robert often came home to help his mom with the plays. This is how they met, during a play called David & Lisa, but not when they started dating.

It wasn't until the summer community musical, Pippin, came around and both Robert and Kaela were both involved - That's when things really first clicked.
How'd he propose?
Robert proposing to KaelaIt was a total surprise! My maid of honor flew in from N.C. to spend the 4th of July with me (and the whole time she knew what was going on, as did everyone else in attendance). It was July 3rd, 2008 at the Red, White, & BOOM fireworks show in Columbus, Ohio. Robert had constructed this massive box to supposedly hold everything we needed for the day, when really he needed something to hold the Television and generator to help in his proposal. About an hour and a half before the fireworks were to begin, I was under the impression we were going to play some more guitar hero when all of a sudden a video of Robert and I showed up on the T.V. The video, I guess, was supposed to ask me, but the generator gave out before it could finish, so Robert gets down on one knee, with all of our family and friends around, and asks me if I will marry him. My eyes watered and I, of course, said YES!
How about that ring?
Kaela's Engagement RingWOW! What a ring! Well, that's not exactly what she said. But you know those commercials... "Every kiss begins with Kay". Well, that's bull crap. Our kiss was a Diamond Cellar kiss! I went to a number of jewelers and it just didn't feel right.

Nothing against anyone who bought jewelery at a shopping mall, I just wanted to go somewhere that I didn't have to feel worried about 1) getting a good deal, and 2) getting good quality.

Diamond Cellar is amazing and I won't go anywhere else - they really helped me create a unique and special engagement ring for Kaela.
Who's changing their name?
Though not much discussion has gone into this, Robert and Kaela have both probably assumed that Kaela will be legally changing her last name to Vance. It is however, yet to be decided and furthermore, it's hard to tell whether Kaela will be trying to work her former last name into her formal name in some other way - say "Kaela Jennings Vance? Isn't very catchy is it? Even less so would be adding Jennings to Kaela's already lengthy formal name - Kaela Rae Deborah Jennings Vance. Ummmm, yeah. We'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: Kaela officially changed her name to "Kaela Rae Vance".
Where's that engagement video?
Here's the engagement video that Robert made for Kaela and played in front of all their family, friends, and hundreds of strangers at the Red, White, and BOOM! fireworks...

Here's the engagement video with live video of Kaela's reaction and Robert's proposal.
Who's in the wedding party?
Good question - Some of our closest friends of course!

While we would have liked to have invited all of our friends to join the wedding party, we had to be fiscally responsible and impose a cap at a wedding party of ten. We put lots of time and thought into with whom we wanted to share the most intimate portions of our day.

Maid of Honor - Kristen Potter
Best Man - Peter Schillig
Bridesmaid - Kelsey Jennings
Groomsman - Joshua Vance
Bridesmaid - Maura Weisenbach
Groomsman - Stephen Kemp
Bridesmaid - Courtney Thomas
Groomsman - Thomas Ioia
Wedding Coordinator - Tracy Brewer
Wedding Coordinator - Stephanie Ioia
Wedding Coordinator - Tricia Schillig
Where's the rehearsal dinner shindig?
The Rehearsal will be held at the ceremony location, Coffman Park (weather permitting) and the Rehearsal Dinner will be held at Dave & Busters. Formal invitations to the rehearsal and dinner were sent out the week of May 23.

Those invited include the wedding party, Kaela and Robert's immediate family members and grandparents, and several other specific individuals. If you were expecting an invitation but have not received one, please contact Kaela or Robert asap.

UPDATE: Check out photos from the rehearsal and dinner!
What should I wear?
Well, the theme is going to be based around the beach, so if you want to come dressed as an authentic beach bum... don't bother showing up. While that'd be cool, we'd really appreciate it if you made an effort to make every photo a picture perfect moment for our once-in-a-lifetime day. We'd like to ask that for this one special event you avoid attending attired in jeans and a t-shirt.

For further clearification, anything from smart casual to semi-formal would be perfectly acceptable.
What's the reception music?

Kaela and Robert love a variety of music.

We'll definitely have the traditional wedding music, the trite wedding music, and the awesome wedding dance music. We love pop, r&b, country, oldies-but-goodies, etc. You can bet though that we'll have the Cha-Cha and Electric Slides as well as other music that you won't be able to refuse getting up on your feet while they're playing. We'd even like to do some karaokeing at the wedding reception!

Our entertainment will be provided by Mr. and Mrs. DJ, Linda and Bruce (as seen to the right), who have been doing this for twenty years.

How about your cake?

Our cake is going to be a bit of a surprise, we don't want to give it away completely, but we will say that is will make sense with out theme.

We made our final decision on March 9 as to who we're going to go with. We had tasted a number of different cakes from a number of different cake vendors and weren't impressed until this week.

We decided to go with TG Patty Cakes. She used to be located in Hilliard, but has moved to London. Kaela had been emailing back and forth with her for several weeks, but the give-away that we needed to actually meet with her was that both our florist and a caterer we were considering suggested her.

So we drove out to London, met with her, and then tasted three different cakes. They were amazing! We tried a French Vanilla cake with Butter Cream icing and Butter Cream and Raspberry filling - OMG! Then we tried a Chocolate cupcake with Butter Cream icing with chocolate drizzled over top - HOLY CRAP! Last, we tried a Fruit Cake cupcake with Butter Cream icing, and even though neither of us like fruit cake, it was actually pretty good because it was different than what you think of traditional holiday fruit cake, it was just good.

So anyway, we'll leave it a surprise as to what exactly we're going to do.

Where's the honeymoon?
Sandal's ResortThe honeymoon's at a Caribbean Sandal's Resort.... on our first anniversary.

As far as the few days after the wedding, we were planning to hit the Atlantic Coast on some nice beachfront property and bum around, but we just found out that we won a two for one cruise; so we're trying to figure out what exactly we're going to do about that.

That being said, we're not sure how quickly we'll be able to use the cruise we won, so Kaela is still looking at some vacations that she's been interested in just in case the cruise has to wait.
Where can we get you gifts?

Well, a few months after we became engaged, we jokingly went to Target with a couple friends and signed up for Club Wedd - though we mainly just went around scanning funny things, like the entire aisle of maxipads and tampons. So, for further registry information, check out the most up-to-date information on our website's Gift Registry page.

Do you have a theme?
SeashellsWe'd absolutely love a beach wedding!

Being realistic, however, we understand that this would make it difficult for the family, and even more so for our friends, to attend.

But you can bet that wherever the wedding is, there will be some aspects of the wedding that will tie into such a theme.
What are your colors?
Since we're theming around Caribbean ocean / beach, our colors will reflect this. The two official colors are Mermaid and Clover. For those geeks out there that's #009C9A for the Mermaid and #619A6C for the Clover. If you prefer RGB, it's "0,156,154" and "97,154,108".

Or for those who are more visual:
Mermaid Blue Color  Clover Green Color
When's the wedding?
The wedding is June 26th, 2010. The ceremony begins at 3:00pm and the reception starts at 6:00pm; there's a break in between for us to go take photos. More details...
Where's the wedding?
Click to enlarge!We've decided to hold our wedding ceremony outside at Coffman Park in Dublin, Ohio and the reception will be held at the Dublin Recreation Center.

It's really simple to get to no matter where you're coming from. Follow I-270 around Columbus towards the North West side (whichever direction is quicker depending on where you're coming from). You're going to be getting off at the Dublin exit, that'll be Exit 17A no matter which direction you come from. When you take I-270 Exit 17A, you'll be headed East on R-161/R-33. Take the first left at the first traffic light onto Post Road. Follow Post Road over a bridge that goes over the freeway, and you'll turn Right onto Emerald Parkway. Turn left at the first traffic light onto Coffman Park Drive.

Here's a Google Map as well, for those who'd like to map directions directly from their house.

Read more about the wedding ceremony and reception locations.
Who's invited?

Kaela and Robert Wedding InvitationLots of people. We're inviting family and friends from all over - from eleven different states to be exact. We have sent out engagement announcements to tons of people, have finalized our guest list, and will be sending out invitations by 15 March 2010 - We would have sent them sooner, but the printing company messed them up.

Worried that you didn't make the cut? That it got lost in the mail? That we forgot about you? Don't worry, just shoot us an email and we'll try to figure out what happened. No biggie!

You're inviting your students?!?! Ummm, nope. Sorry guys, 1) you're not old enough to come to our wedding reception since we'll have champagne and 2) we simply can't afford to feed our friends, family, and the entire Bradley Theatre Troupe! You'll need an official invitation like the one shown to the right to even get past the Dublin Police Officer and into the banquet hall. Since we have to rent a cop for the reception anyway, why not have him be our bouncer : )

Can we crash at your place?
There's tons of great hotels to stay at while you're in town. Unless you prefer to camp out at a relative's place - errr, ummm, whatever you'd prefer. In any event, here's some good local, close-to-the-activity, in various-price-range places to stay if you'd rather the more plush, comfortable, relaxing alternative:

Marriott Northwest - (614) 791-1000 - $125-$200/night
Hampton Inn & Suites - (614) 334-1800‎ - $100-$125/night
Comfort Suites - (614) 529-8118 - $75-$100/night
Motel 6 - (614) 771-1500 - $35-$75/night
(based on two guests)
Where do we get nurishment?
Below we'll suggest some of our favorite places to eat out. There's a variety of places to eat within and around Hilliard with a selection of genres and prices, it's just figuring out how to get to where you want to go. Here's some good food!

Click on the links to view more info including menus, rating, pricing, and maps from Google.

Closest to the action - Chipotle [insanely tasty] Mexican Grill, TGI Friday's, Spageddies Italian Kitchen, Carrabba's [spectacular] Italian Grill, Panera Bread, Home Town Buffet, Bob Evans, Max & Erma's, Cheeseburger In [freaking awesome] Paradise, Noodles & Co, Romano's Macaroni Grill, PF Chang's China Bistro, House of Japan, Enrico's [amazing] Pizza & Restaurant, Bonefish Grill, Iacono's [outstanding] Pizza & Restaurant, Hooters, Texas [best-ever] Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback Steakhouse, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill - Furtherst from the action.

And there's many more!
I never got the engagement announcement?
If for some reason you never received our engagement announcement...
First, we're sorry... Second, here it is:

Engagement Announcement FrontEngagement Announcement Back
(click to enlarge)